Denton Soccer Association

Coaches Corner

Welcome Coaches!!! We appreciate your willingness to volunteer and devote your time to our kids.

Information will be posted to this page to hopefully help you in your coaching responsibilities. If you have any requests, please email them to your commissioner and they will direct them to the party responsible. Have a great and enjoyable season!

Remember... You Must Wear your ID Badge and it must be Visible at all times. This is required of all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers who will be on the touchline coaching. Anyone in the coaching area of the field not wearing their badge in a visible manner will be asked to sit down by the Referee!

Background Checks for coaching are required annually by state and must be done through GotSoccer.
Coaching Education/Licenses: US Soccer, North Texas Soccer
Practice Field Reservations: Ramon Valls

                                                                           Zane Santos (Director of Coaching- Boys)
                                                                            Gene Kastens (Director of Coaching- Girls)

Coaches Meetings

U4 - U5/6C Coaches Meeting                   MONDAY Aug 8 @ 7:00 pm @ DSA Office
U7/8C Coaches Meeting                           TUESDAY Aug 9 @ 6:30 pm @ DSA Office
U9/10 Coaches Meeting                            TUESDAY Aug 9 @ 7:30 pm @ DSA Office

U11 - U19 Coaches Meeting                      TUESDAY July 26 & THURSDAY July 28 @ 7:00 pm @ DSA Office

If you can not attend, email your respective Director of Coaching

Park Information:   Most of the neighborhood parks (these are the smaller parks) have practice goals -  Avondale, Nettie Schultz, Joe Skiles, Lake Forest, and Briercliff.

Basic Information for your Soccer Moms and Dads

General Information

The ball can be played in direction to start the game; forwards OR backwards
Shinguards are mandatory for ALL Players.
Cleats or tennis shoes may be worn. Cleats with a toe cleat are illegal and will not be allowed.
Jewelry of any kind may not be worn by a player during a game. This includes earrings and bracelets.

For all of our team formation, we attempt to keep our teams "age pure". As players enter in the older divisions (U10 thru U19) this becomes more difficult, and many of these divisions are mixed ages, i.e., U10 is actually U9/U10.; U12 is U11/12.  Player soccer age is based on "Birth Year."
The next criteria is location. DSA teams are formed using Denton ISD school locations. Of course there are exceptions to these two basic team formation requirements. Age differences can be because of siblings playing on the same team (this is an exception we always try to grant) or because players have requested to Play-Up. School locations differences can be caused by not having enough players from one school and having to combine school locations (we make every attempt to keep players close to their schools), and in any SPRING season, teams folding and combining, players requesting to go in the player pool, Spring Registration fill-ins, etc.

Practice Times and Locations are determined by the Coach.

Your Registration Fees pay for a complete uniform, awards, insurance, NTSSA Fees, referee fees, Denton Parks and Recreation fees, and City of Denton Fees.

Each player is guaranteed 8 games and 50% playing time. (For ages 2013 through 2007, DSA schedules 8 games, with additional games if needed to account for inclement weather reschedules). Below are some specifics for each age group.

U4 Boys and Girls:

Use a #3 Ball.
Play 3v3 (No Goalie), no more than 6 on each roster.
Roster sizes are determined by DSA guaranteeing each player 50% playing time.
Play on fields 10B1 and 10B2, One Coach Must be on the field with the players.
Games are 24 minutes, 6 minute quarters.
No throw ins. All out balls are kick ins. No Direct Kicks - All corners, goal kicks, etc.. are indirect kicks. (No Goal can be scored on a kickoff unless touched by another player!!!)

U5 and U6 Boys and Girls:

Use a #3 Ball.
Play 4v4, (NO GOALIE) no more than 8 on each roster. Roster sizes are determined by DSA guaranteeing each player 50% playing time.
Play Fields 8A, 8B, 10A and 10B.
Games are 40 minutes, 10 minute quarters.
(No Goal can be scored on a kickoff unless touched by another player!!!)

U7 and U8 Boys and Girls:

Use a #3 Ball.
Play 4v4, (NO Goalie) no more than 8 on each roster. Rosters sizes are determined by DSA going to small-sided games and guaranteeing each player 50% playing time.
Play Fields 6A, 6B, 11A and 11B.
Games are 48 minutes, 12 minute quarters.
(No Goal can be scored on a kickoff unless touched by another player!!!)

U9 and U10 Boys and Girls:

Use a #4 Ball.
Play 7v7, (6 Field, 1 Goalie) No more than 12 - 14 on each roster. Rosters sizes are determined by DSA going to small-sided games and guaranteeing each player 50% playing time.
Play Fields 4 and 5.
Games are 50 minutes, two 25 minute halves.
**Coaches please send your game scores to, this will help determine who will go to the Tournament of Champions in the Fall.

U11 and U12 Boys and Girls:

Use a #4 Ball.
Play 9v9 (8 on Field with 1 Goalie) no more than 14-18 on each roster. Rosters sizes are determined by DSA guaranting each player 50% playing time.
Play on field 3.
Games are 60 minutes, two 30 minute halves.
Coaches must have Roster and Game Report sheets at every game.

Rules of Game

Modified Playing Rules for Under 6
   1.  Opposing parent/coaches and players should shake hands after each game.

    2.  Do not record league standings.

    3.  Do not record final score.

    4.  Participation awards for ALL--no trophies or awards just for the best team.

    5.  Parent/coaches, non-playing players, parents and spectators should be located not less than three (3) yard from outside the touchline, nor should they be closer than ten (10) yards to the goal line and NEVER behind a goal.

    6.  NO individual should be allowed to run the length of the field except participants of the games.

    7.  Parent/coaches should not coach or instruct players during the game.

    8.  Per the City of Denton Department of Parks and Recreation no tobacco or alcoholic beverages will be consumed or allowed on the North Lakes Soccer Complex.

 Law 1 - The Field

    1.  Markings:

         a.  Distinctive line not more that five (5) inches wide.

         b.  A halfway line shall be marked out across the field.

         c.  A center circle with a five (5) yard radius.

         d.  Four corner arcs each with a two (2) foot radius.

         e.  Goal area.


 Law II - The Ball

    1.  Size three (3).


Law III - Number of Players

    1.  Maximum number of players on the field at any one time - Four (4) per team. There shall be no goalkeeper.

    2.  Maximum number of plays on the roster should not exceed. - Eight (8).

    3.  Substitutions:

         a.  Injuries.

         b.  See Law VII.

    4.  Playing time:  Each player shall play a minimum of 50 percent of the total playing time.

    5.  Teams and games may be coed.  Coed team will play in the boys division.

 Law IV - Player Equipment (Conforms to USYSA)

    1.  Players must have matching uniform (jersey, shorts and socks)

    2.  Shin guards are mandatory

    3.  Footwear:  Tennis shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes.

 Law V - Referee

    1.  Registered Referee or (Parent/Coach in emergency)

    2.  Referee's decisions on points of fact connected with the game shall be final.

    3.  Rule infractions may be briefly explained to the offending player.

    4.  Only registered referees have the power to caution or send off players, coaches, or parents.

 Law VI - Assistant Referee

    1.  None.

 Law VII - Duration of Game

     1.  The game shall be divided in to four (4) equal ten (10) minute quarters.

    2.  There shall be a two (2) minute break between quarter one (1) and quarter two (2), and another two (2) minute break between quarts three (3) and four (4).

    3.  There shall be a half-time break of five (5) minutes between quarts two (2) and three (3).

 Law VIII - The Start of the Play

    1.  Opponents must be outside of the center circle while the kick off is in progress.

 Law IX - Ball In and Out of Play

    1.  The ball is in play until

         a.  The referee whistle stops play.

         b.  The whole ball crosses the goal line or touchline.

         c.  There is a goal scored.

 Law X - Method of Scoring

    1.  A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the goal line into the goal.

    2.  No goal can be scored from a free kick, kick-off, throw-in, or corner kick.

 Law XI - Off-Side

    1.  There shall be no off-side.


 Law XII - Fouls and Misconduct

    1.  All fouls will result in an indirect free kick with the opponents three (3) yards away.

    2.  The Referee may explain infractions to the offending player.

    3.  No caution or ejections shall be issued to players except by an independent neutral referee.

 Law XIII - Free Kick

    1.  A free kick shall be classified under one heading - indirect.

    2.  A goal may not be scored until the ball has been played or touched by a second player of either team.

    3.  Opponents must be three (3) yards away.

 Law XIV - Penalty Kick

    1.  No penalty kicks are to be taken during these games.


 Law XV - Throw-in

     1.  The ball must go all the way over and behind the head and both feet must be on the ground.

  2.  No goal can be made from a throw in.

    3.  Opponents must be three (3) yards away.


 Law XVI - Goal Kick

    1.  A goal kick may be taken from any point inside or on the line of the goal area.

    2.  Opponents  must be three (3) yards away from the ball.

 Law XVII - Corner Kick

    1.  Opponent must be three (3) yards away from the ball.


 Tips for Getting Organized from Joe Soccer

  Youth Coach Handbook ...


 #1 ... HAVE FUN!!

 If you are having fun, the players are surely going to have smiles on their faces!

 #2 ... BE ORGANIZED!!

 Write down your practice plan before practice starts! (Eliminates down time & practice chaos).

 Organize practice as follows: Warm up, Individual Skill Work, Mini Games and end with a scrimmage!

 Setup for the next drill/mini game during the water breaks!

 Organize team parents and assistant coach(es) to help with administrative tasks, practices & discipline problems!


 For youth players "ages 6 - 12", keep the practices and tactics simple and in easy to understand terms!

 When playing mini games and scrimmages at practice, establish names for the teams (ex. Sharks, USA, England, Dinosaurs, etc.) The team name creates unity, competition and brings out the best in your players!

 Use a handful of drills that you & your players enjoy ... no need to spend 15 -20 minutes explaining new drills at each practice!

 Tell the players how long the drill will last or how many goals will win the game. This gives them an objective and keeps them focused on the task at hand!


 Once you decide on the team to-do list, jot them down and reinforce them throughout the season ... during practice, before games & at half time! Some examples ...

 When the ball comes to a player, his/her options are passing, dribbling or shooting ... no kicking!

 Quick throw-ins.

  Going to and winning loose balls.

 When the player has the ball in the offensive corner, cross the ball in front of the goal.

 When the player sees his/her teammate has the ball in the offensive corner, position him or herself in front of the goal and wait for the cross.

 Communicate (talk to each other)


  Before the season begins, communicate to the players & parents ...

 Acceptable and unacceptable behavior!

 What to expect from you! (the coach)

 Your expectations of the players!

 Your expectations of the parents!

 Consequences of actions!

  This way everyone follows the commandments or face the consequences!!


  Always start with a positive comment and finish up with the constructive critique!

 Use specific examples ... Johnny, remember when you kicked the ball 30 yards up the field, that was a powerful kick but were you passing the ball to anyone or was that a shot? Remember, our to-do list says "we don't kick to kick ... we kick to pass or kick to shoot"!


#7 ... GAMES!!!

 Do ... Display good sportsmanship! (You're the role model for your players).

 Do ... Reinforce the team to-do list before the game and during half time!

 Do ... As the game is played, point out situations (to the subs) where players are (and are not) working on the team to-do list! (The game provides great visual pictures and the subs are a captive audience).

 Do ... Use specific game scenarios (and names) when coaching and making changes at half time! (Be positive).

 Don't ... Yell and scream from the sidelines (at players or the Ref).

 Don't ... Try to coach every decision the players are making on the field!

 Do ... Let the kids play and have fun!

 How Can Parents Help?


 Sam Snow, Director of Coaching for Louisiana

 Parents of U6 and U8 players play an active part in the enjoyment their children have in youth soccer. Encouragement to try new things is step one. Now that they are out there kicking, running, laughing, falling down and all chasing the ball simultaneously they need positive reinforcement. Many parents during games and sometimes-even practices yell out to the kids what to do and when to do it. They cheer when things go right and sometimes cry out in anguish when they don't. In all they are trying to be positive and help the kids. What many adults have forgotten from when they were 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old is that children of those ages can focus on a limited number of tasks at one time. That may continue to be true to a lesser degree for older players too. Indeed it takes all of the attention of an U6 player to control the ball. This is because they are still developing basic balance, coordination and agility. Also in a 4 versus 4 game the odds for the player with the ball are generally 1 versus 7. So during a game the player needs to focus on the task at hand---trying to control the ball. Unfortunately they are distracted by all of the adults yelling from the touchline. Now they have to make a choice, either play the ball or listen to the parents. So the lesson is clear. If parents want to help their team play their best they need to be quiet while watching the game. Just sit back and let the children play!

 Job Description for Parents

 Unknown author:

 Thought those of you considering the new job of parent might want to take a look at the requirements first.

  POSITION : Parent

  JOB DESCRIPTION: Long-term player needed for challenging, permanent work in chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work evenings, weekends, and frequent 24-hour shifts. There is some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far-away cities. Travel expenses not reimbursed.

  RESPONSIBILITIES: Must keep this job for the rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily. Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule. Must be willing to tackle stimulating technical challenges such as small gadget repair, sluggish toilets, and stuck zippers. Must handle assembly and product safety testing, as well as floor maintenance and janitorial work. Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars, and coordinate production of multiple homework projects. Must have ability to plan and organize social gatherings for clients of all ages and levels of mentality. Must be willing to be indispensable one minute and an embarrassment the next. Must assume final, complete accountability for the quality of end product.

  ADVANCEMENT AND PROMOTION: There is no possibility of either. Your job is to remain in the same position for years, without complaining, constantly retraining and updating your skills so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you.

  PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: None required, but on-the-job training is offered on a continually exhausting basis.

  WAGES: None. In fact, you must pay those in your charge, offering frequent raises and bonuses. A balloon payment is due when they turn 18 and attend college. When you die, you give them whatever income you have left.

  BENEFITS: There is no health nor dental insurance, no pension, no tuition reimbursement, no paid holidays, and no stock options. However, the job offers limitless opportunities for personal growth and free hugs for life.

Hot Weather Guidelines

At times when severe weather affects the area, the following guidelines will be in effect. Since temperatures fluctuate from location to location please check the local weather station closest to you for accurate temperatures.

Please ensure whenever training any player that they are gradually acclimated to the heat over a period of 7 to 10 days. In addition review your teams' medical information and be aware of all players' medical conditions. While this is general guidance, players and coaches may have undisclosed or undiagnosed conditions that may be exasperated by excessive heat, dehyudration and/or activity. Use extreme caution when training and watch all team members carefully.

  • Temperature ranges are based on the higher of either Ambient Temperature or Heat Index.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with recognizing the signs and symptoms of heat injuries and how to respond to them.
  • Make sure there is another adult available to help with the team in case an emergency arises and EMS needs to be called.

**Note: Guidelines may be adjusted by the DSA Executive Board as conditions dictate.

Condition Yellow: 90-94 Degrees


  • Water breaks once per half.


  • Water breaks every 15-20 minutes
  • Practice no longer than 2 hours

Condition Pink: 95-99 Degrees


  • Water breaks once per half


  • Water breaks every 15-20 minutes
  • Practice no longer than 1.5 hours
  • Wear light weight and light colored clothes

Condition Red: 100-103 Degrees


  • Check temperatures every 15 minutes to re-evaluate conditions
  • Increase water breaks to two per half (running clock)
  • Players may step off field to technical area and seek shade if available during water breaks
  • Game lenths may be reduced


  • Water breaks every 15 minutes with minimum 10 minutes in shade (15 on - 10 off)
  • Practice no longer than 1 hour
  • Wear lightweight and light colored clothes

Condition Black: 104 + Degrees

All Activities Shall be Cancelled if we reach this Condition!!!

Games that are in progress but have not started the second half will be rescheduled if possible.